Gastspiel – Michael Biber, Lutz Braun, Matthias Dornfeld, Hedwig Eberle, Georg Fuchssteiner, Ioan Grosu

January 16, 2015 – February 14, 2015


In cooperation with Matthias Jahn, Munich, Schönewald Fine Arts jointly opens the exhibition Gastspiel on Friday, January 16th, 2015 from 6-10pm, with Galerien Flingern. The exhibition features 30 works by six contemporary artists, who are presented for the first time to a wider audience in the Rhineland. All artists unifies their zest for exploring and questioning possibilities of contemporary art either based upon historial subjects (Dornfeld, Eberle and Fuchssteiner) reverie (Biber) or appropriation of reality (Grosu). By means of screen-printing and light exposure, Michael Biber (*1978, studied at the AdBK in Munich under Markus Oehlen) deals with the limits of pictorial representation, thus taking part in a discourse about medial narrowness. Biber’s installational and room filling paintings, frottages and works on paper reflect his engagement with versatile materials and express his artistic thinking process. Hedwig Eberle (*1977, studied at the UdK in Berlin under Dr. Marwan and later at the AdBK in Munich under Sean Scully) concentrates on colour and puts it in the center of her works. She repeatedly applies paint on a mostly bright, primed chromatic background. Thereby, she creates a meshwork of colours with a fine line (Strichführung). While Eberle had focused initially on the subjet of heads in the last years, she now concentrates on landscapes and therefore endores an additional, figurative level. Also, Matthias Dornfeld (*1960, studied at the AdBK in Munich) works with layers of paint, partially removed and painted anew, thus creating a highly compact image space. His works are dominated by objects such as vases or huge bouquets of flowers, but also by women figures or human faces, which often appear like maskes. In his works the Romanian painter Ioan Grosu (*1985, studied at the AdbK in Munich under Günther Förg) experiments with aspects of intermediality. He borrows his subjects from already existing paintings, films and photographies. Based upon motives from Hungarian magazines of the 1970s, he created a series of works on canvas and paper as well as collages for the show in Düsseldorf. Besides dreamlike scenarios Lutz Braun’s (*1976, studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt under Per Kirkeby and Thomas Bayrle) works also reflect themes of transcience, loneliness and decay. The color selection illustrates the ambivalence of his paintings. In addition to his works on canvas, painted carpets represent an important body of his work. The complex work of Georg Fuchssteiner (*1982, studied at the AdbK in Munich under Markus Oehlen) emphasizes his never ending curiosity and openness for art history, music and literature. Thereby, he creates paintings, which reflect personal experiences, impressions and imagination. Alongside his realistically developed paintings he also creates works which appear abstract, but in which one can also detect figurative elements.


Installation images